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Callie/Erica song

This song always makes me think of Callie and Erica. I can't decide which one of them fits the lyrics best, because it could be told from either of their points of view. I just think it's a pretty song, and it fits their relationship pretty well.

Safe With Me - Billie Piper

Lyrics (courtesy of sweetslyrics.com)

Know that you're sad, hurt in the past
Got you believing love won't last
It's not hard to tell, you've lost all your faith
Don't blame us all for a fool's mistake

Things they advise, I should let go
They're calling you ice, then I see you glow
You're making me crazy, what can I say
I'd do anything to take the pain away

When you gonna realize that you're lonely
I can see it in your eyes, you don't have to be
When you gonna realize I'm the remedy
Won't you give my love a try
You'll be safe with me

You'll be safe with me

Something so strong could take on the world
I'm not just talking 'bout being your girl
The things I want us to do
Get into me like I'm into you

Walking in the park, watching leaves fall
Lovers in the dark, counting every star
Finally when your trust is in me
I'll give you my love
Real, slow and tender

Chorus x 2

You're here in my arms and that's how I want it,
When the morning comes you'll know what I feel, so real

Dream of your smile, night after night
The one that you hide from the daylight
Stop all those tears, doubt in your mind
Leave all your fears way behind

Chorus x 3

When you gonna realize that you're lonely
I can see it in your eyes, you don't have to be

I uploaded it for anyone who'd like it! :)


Oct. 23rd, 2008 01:15 am (UTC)
Those first two verses definitely do alternate between the two of them - that's the first thing I noticed when I heard this song. I wish I was talented enough to make a vid of it!


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