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Grey's Anatomy Fanmix: Music and Videos
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This is a community for video makers or people who want to share songs that were played on Grey's Anatomy during the episode. We appreciate the talent that it takes to create a music video and respect all creative interpretations. Please start sharing your fanmixes, videos, song recommendations, and projects today.


1) Give credit for find. If you didn't make it, tell us who did.
2) Use a disclaimer on your original work when you post it here.
3) If you want to share a song with us, upload it to yousendit.com or a similar place and give us the link to download it.
4) Only one post per day from person please. If you have more than one song/video to share then put it in one post.
5) Use lj cuts for more than four videos so we don't overload any f-lists.

That's it. I'm fairly easily to get along with. Have fun, find us videos, make your own, and get us some new music for our iPods.